Simon O’Corra (Dip.Technical Theatre and Stage Design)

I have been writing for decades, with a focus on script and screen writing for the last six years. I have also been a dancer and painter.

During the Covid-19 pandemic I started a project entitled Lockdown Monologues, the aim of which was to write 200 monologues for actors at this difficult time. I completed all 200 by the end of our lockdown in mid May 2020 here in Spain and so far we have more than 2/3rds of the completed films returned and visible on my own site

From this project and the contacts I have made with the actors all at different stages in their careers, I recognised that for many actors it was difficult to get a foot on the first rung to being a success, so I had the idea to start Getscene - a project open to all and also devoted to developing links in the theatre and film industries.

I am pleased to say that I have been joined by two other founding members, Nigel Bray and Tracie Fox and together we aim to collaborate with actors and link with other services in theatre and film, and to be a part of a much needed renaissance in performing arts post Covid-19.

For more details of my work click the link to the right.



I provide a writing service to actors, directors and productions companies.


Simon O'Corra

From Words To Action...

Testimonials of my work

Just wanted to say what a wonderful idea Lockdown Monologues is! Thank you for making such wonderful words for actors to bring to life, even if only in our front rooms!

Jessica Bean

His range of monologues is fantastic. 




Barbara Ashworth

Simon is excellent at his trade. He takes great care to know the actor before he sets out to write a bespoke and original piece. The monologue Simon wrote for my son is a masterpiece! It is emotional, it is hard hitting and totally perfect for my son’s skills set. I cannot recommend Simon enough.

Jonah Paull

Simon’s monologues are outstanding, they’ll be uniquely written for every individual child, I highly recommend.

Melanie Clarke


Creative Issues, contact Simon at

Technical Issues, contact Nigel at

Mentoring, contact Tracie at

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