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At the start of an adventure, there are certain things you need which will make the process easier and safer.

I can help you sort out what you need to enable your exploits to unfold and keep you on the right track as you journey on to greater heights.

FOCUS! How it works

 by Tracie Fox


Act One, Scene 1 - The very first and most crucial element for any performer is FOCUS.


In the café, quiet corner



You: Thanks for the coffee.


Tracie: No worries, glad you could make it.


You: So, how does Focus work for me? What are the benefits?


Tracie: Well, together we will explore your career and personal goals to develop a better FOCUS.


You: How do you mean?


Tracie: OK. With my experience in the creation of CVs, biographies and/or personal statements, I can help you to develop and tell your own story. How do I do this? By conversations, questioning and exploring your motivations and aspirations.


You: Sounds interesting. (Pause while they drink their coffee) Yes but, how do I find out and make decisions about what I want to achieve. And how do I make a start?


Tracie: Well, we’ll examine where you are, where you want to get to and the steps you need to take on your journey to get from here to there.


You: Yeah but, it’s scary. How do I navigate the entertainment world? (Leaning back in seat)


Tracie: (Leaning forward, supporting) As with any large enterprise you just need to break it down and find how you find out what best suits your needs. I have lots of experience and expertise in gathering and sharing information and I can support you in recognising current and ever-changing trends which will help you to reach your goals, either formally and/or informally.


You: I see! How do I show people what I am capable of? (Sitting up, animatedly.)


Tracie: We, the Getscene team can guide and support you in how to use the information and ideas we will share. This in turn will help you to express and demonstrate your abilities, skills and aspirations with confidence.


You: (Pause. Thoughtful…) Why should I choose you?


Tracie: That’s a good question. You choose me, because, together, you and I, will create a collaborative partnership using a selection of specially designed resources, to help you on your tailor-made journey to improve your skill set to achieve your career goals.


You: (Looking anxious again. Leaning in) Can I ask you something?


Tracie: Of course! That’s what this meeting’s all about!


You: OK. Actually, there's so many questions! Do you think I need an agent? Do I need to join recognised platforms of promotion? Who do I go to get headshots? There’s so much to think about! How do I do all this?


Tracie: Don’t worry. Everyone has these questions. We will work through each of them over a series of sessions to ensure that each step you take is the right one for you.


You: Ok, so, say we’ve done some sessions, will I need more? I know what the next step is and I’ve taken it, so now what?


Tracie: It’s up to you how many sessions you feel comfortable with, depending on your priorities. We can continue to build upon the foundation all of the work we’ve done so far and develop a focussed marketing strategy with you, about you, for you!


You: Then what?


Tracie: Well. If you want more ………. then we can offer you a staged process of on-going support, advice and guidance, to further develop your career into the future. We can devise a plan to achieve this.


You: Sounds great. I’m in!





[An actor exists to act in the theatre or on film.

 Without focus, a career can flounder………].


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