Tracie Fox

My Character

This role is the culmination of decades of experience which made me realise that I had been missing support in achieving my goals for a long time. Therefore, my clients are my priority. I am their light in the dark as they move forward towards a career in the performing arts. I know when I encourage clients to try new things which might not be in their vision of who they are, they can still learn something about themselves from the experience, even if they feel that they fail in that instance. I have a passion to see everybody reach their potential and I am tenacious in my support and encouragement. My past experience which has moulded my character, enables me to undertake these exciting collaborations.


My Motivation and Skills -

IAG – (Information Advice & Guidance) Multiple approaches to supporting people, the ability to inform, advise and guide clients in any area through all sorts of disruption to their lives, to offer them a way through the rut they had found themselves in and to help them to realise their aspirations in their careers and their personal life.


PTTLS – (Preparing to Teach in Life Long Learning) -

Supporting individuals to review their own abilities and expand them to enable them to be happier in their day to day life. These skills and methods can be utilised as a one-to-one, group works and matrix sessions to help people achieve their goals on a tailor made journey of self improvement.


Marketing PR & Comms -

Coordinating, creating, writing and implementing marketing strategies and product information and promotional materials. Researching and commissioning bespoke marketing collateral. Logistics and budgets of mailshots, events, campaigns, offers and website content for organisational B2B websites. User group sessions coordination, invitations and presentations. Being a team leader, performing annual performance reviews of team members, challenging unprofessional behaviour and structuring new guide of expectations in the work place.


Project Management

Ensuring not only that all information provided to the potential client was accurate, well presented and easy to understand but that all legal requirements where adhered too. As I had full knowledge at this point of the entire bid response and the process, I then also became the initial contact in all contract negotiations pre signing off the sale.


Addiction Worker -  

Working with in HMP as part of an Addiction Team providing, Counselling, Assessment, Referrals, Advice and Through care to reduce addiction and reduce the risk of reoffending. This was performed in one to one session where we would discuss personal specific details. Confidentiality was imperative along with empathy, encouragement and non judgement to motivate clients to self analysis to carve a new direction for their life.


Mentor Coordinator

Find, recruit and train volunteers to carry out one to one support for low risk offenders nearing the end of their sentence. This was very complex due to the nature of the environment we were working in. Multifaceted selection process that I had to develop, included full detailed risk assessments, criminal records checks, health checks, mental agility exercises, prison craft, training sessions both group and individual. As my first role with in the walls of a prison, I found that my conflict resolutions skills were not only useful, but invaluable and would benefit me through our my future career, no matter where it took me.


Employment Advisor

The support began with mapping their skills, their aspirations and a realistic assessment of their ability. Practical support was varied and included advising how best to demonstrate their skills and abilities, creating a CV, how to present themselves at interview, through to mock interviews, recognising their own transferable skills, how to approach a problem with patience and positivity, through to accessing funding to provide practical training after release, job interviews to enable them to become an employable individual.



Leading a team I had been working with for 2 years. The team was based across two counties, based in 5 prisons, 3 probation offices and at our head office.  My prior working on the project gave me insight into the daily challenges faced by the team and empathy with their working conditions. My priority was to ensure they received support, advice and managerial guidance and intervention should it be necessary.  Every team member was invited to a one to one monthly to discuss all aspects of their well being, both professional and personal if they wished with an individual rolling plan for the following month to guide them with inspiration and encouragement. I was personally responsible for not only the team members but for all reporting of our outcomes to our contractors, sub contractors, prison management and my own management structure. I structured a focused program of support for the team including a buddy system, where the team members could talk confidentially with a colleague to help them process their attitude towards the things they were struggling with. This aided us all in a surprising way, the empathy we felt for each others struggles was tangible, the team became more united and stronger, so not only where the team happier people, our clients where receiving the services they deserved.   


Licensee of Public House

The skills I learned by the challenges I had faced in all my other roles were so very helpful in this arena, from the conflict resolution to the strategy of promotions, to staff issues, being flexible in my engagement with public, professionals and owners was invaluable. Negotiating better deals from suppliers and understanding supply and demand. Being able to assess situations quickly, risk assessments, speedy reflexes all became part of every minute of my every day. Placating someone who is distressed, is a skill it took all my other roles combined to learn to do calmly, effectively, efficiently and without fuss.


Every role I have ever had has taught me something that I have used in the next role I take on.... cumulatively I have a lifetime of expertise that can be of benefit to you. 


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Technical Issues, contact Nigel at

Mentoring, contact Tracie at

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