Nigel Bray

Acting Experience:
J. B. Priestly.                Arthur Birling in  'An Inspector Calls'
Georges Feydeau.   Etienne in 'A Flea In Her Ear' 
Martin Sherman.      Sergei Essenin in 'When She Danced'
Alan Ayckbourne.     Reg in'Table Manners'.
Alan Ayckbourne.    Tom in 'Round and Round The Garden' 
Alan Ayckbourne.     Norman in 'Living Together' 
Peter Tinniswood     Graham in 'You Should See Us Now'
Brian Friel                    Gerry in 'Dancing at Lughnasa'
Arthur Miller               Philip Gelburg in 'Broken Glass'
Jim Cartwight.          ALL SEVEN MALE CHARACTERS in 'TO'
D. Mc Gillivray            Henry / Lady Macbeth in TFAHETD Production of Macbeth
Eugene Ionesco       Mr. Martin in 'The Bald Prima Donna'
Bill MacIlwraith         Terry in 'The Anniversary'
Hugh Whitemore     Bob in 'Pack of Lies'
Noel Coward             Charles in 'Blithe Spirit'
Anthony Booth         Priest in 'Deadline Dawn'
Directing Experience:
Blithe Spirit - Noel Coward
Pack of Lies - Hugh Whitemore
The Anniversary - Bill MacIlwraith
A Delicate Balance - Edward Albee
The Bald Prima Donna - Eugene Ionesco 
TO - Jim Cartwright
Bitter Sanctuary - Rosemary Anne Sisson
Abigail's Party - Mike Leigh
Broken Glass - Arthur Miller
Dancing at Lughnasa - Brian Friel (premiere)
The Norman Conquests - Alan Ayckbourne
When She Danced - Martin Sherman
Phaedra - Racine 
In By The Half - Jimmy Chinn
Pity About Kitty - Jimmy Chinn
Caught On The Hop - David Foxton
Deadline Dawn - Anthony Booth
Playhouse Creatures - April de Angelis (Premiere)
Bazaar and Rummage - Sue Townsend
Mixed Doubles - One Act plays, Various
Play On! - Rick Abbot
Ballerina - Arne Skouen
The Maids - Jean Genet
Productions With Children:
Before Your Very Eyes
The Pyramid
African Jigsaw
The Evacuees
Alice, The Musical
The Rocky Monster Show
Tom Sawyer
Sago The Clown


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