Starting ‘ACTING’ can be daunting. Its always tempting to compare yourself to others, to great actors that you admire and that always seem to be working....

“Where do I start?” “What tools do I need to have?” “How do I become a proper actor?”

These are questions we all have. What I hope to offer you is some answers, but maybe not the ones you expect....




This Is How We Will Work Together:

We choose the script, or speech.

We dig down: what does it MEAN? Where does it fit in the play? What is the back story of that character? We can write one – like homework! – and give them a past which informs their present.

We look at the text. The phrasing. Is it couplets, or free prose? Does that make a difference to how you perform it?

What was the writer’s intent? Are we honouring that? Are we being true to the meaning of the play? 




Where is it set? Are you sitting? Standing? Why? Where do we put the pauses? The breaths?

How do we make the arc from quiet to anger? When do we pause for the laugh?

So many many variations to explore...


What you pay for is the time, with me, to search for some of the answers of the questions I will ask you.


We may not find them all, we may discover more, we may end up with a new interpretation....all of those things are valid.

Let's begin:


Creative Issues, contact Simon at

Technical Issues, contact Nigel at

Mentoring, contact Tracie at

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