Nigel Bray.



Let me tell you a little about myself and my career, so that you are better equipped to undertake the Acting Journey with me.

After I graduated from Teacher Training College, (Cert.Ed, Drama, with Credit), I trained  as a dancer at the prestigious Laban Centre, and later qualified as a Teacher of Dance in Education. This dovetailed perfectly with the next years of my career.

For 25 years, I was a primary school teacher, specialising in Drama, and almost every one of those years, presented some kind of end of year show - a play, a musical, a review, a concert, and for the last 15 of those years, I mounted a full scale musical with the older children. This taught me much about enabling the less able, the nervous, the inexperienced...

In 2001, I left the teaching profession, and then qualified in TEFL, I went abroad to teach in Hungary and Germany, where I taught English - through Drama, of course! -  to University students. 

On my return to the UK, it was not long before I set up my own company and with a group of dedicated but talented amateur actors, we staged some of the plays you see below. Challenging, difficult works where I further developed my directing skills.

I have been ’acting’ for most of my life I plays, choirboy, Drama Student, Drama Teacher, Member of local drama groups, Director of semi – pro Theatre Group....Actor, Director....

Many years of varied experience. Here is just a selection of the plays I have directed:


Over these years, I have been lucky enough to work with some very talented people. Dedicated, determined, skilled, people willing to drill down into the script to find its true meaning...

I have also been lucky enough to work with groups who were the opposite of that, but I was grateful as it taught me how to develop actors who did NOT have those skills, to teach them the ‘how’, and the ‘why’. They were MY teachers in a way and those years have enabled me to find the best ways to complement the skills of those I coach and bring them forward in ways they did not expect.

It can be challenging, sometimes dispiriting, as I rarely allowed people to get away with not doing the hard work, doing the best they can; I recognise this and get it better!

So. My life on a page. Committed now to giving what I have learned to any of you who wish to benefit from the wonderful experiences I have had.....



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